Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Federal Skilled Worker Program for Canada to Open on May 4, 2013

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The final date is out.  Effective May 4, 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will accept applications for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The proposed Selection Criteria last August 2012 is now finalized, to wit:

1.) Language (maximum points: 28)
There will be a minimum language requirements and a significant increase in the applicant's proficiency in English or French.

2.) Age (maximum points: 12)
This benefits younger immigrants, the maximum of which will be awarded to 21 to 35 years.  A point will be deducted for every year added to 35.

3.) Education (maximum points: 25)
Points will be given based on the assessment made on the foreign credentials of the application.  Credential assessment organizations and regulatory bodies will be designated by the Minister of CIC early 2013.

4.) Work Experience (maximum points: 15)
A total of 15 points will be awarded to applicants with 6 or more years of work experience. The minimum is  points for those who have at least one (1) year work experience.

5.) Arranged Employment (maximum points: 10)
A job offer coming from a Canadian employer approved by the Human Resources Development Canada (HRSDC) will also give additional points to the applicant.

6.) Adaptability (maximum points: 10)
If the applicant and / or spouse have Canadian experience (study or work), the applicant may be able to gain additional points.  Having relatives in Canada and spouse' language proficiency will also be awarded points.

Overall, the new and revised FSWP will enable CIC to select younger skilled workers, proficient in English or French, who can integrate more rapidly and successfully into the Canadian labour market and be active members of the work force for a longer period of time. These changes will also assist the government in meeting the goals stated in Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 by building a fast and flexible immigration system whose primary focus is meeting Canada’s economic and labour market needs. - source:


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